Problem Solving Activities

Group problem solving is great for building children's self esteem.  Children learn to stretch themselves as they join in with team mates to reach a required goal. Children learn to communicate, discuss and compromise on their way to success.

Human Bridge - make the longest bridge using 2 hands, 2 feet and 1 bottom (change the number if 5 + children).

Hose Pipe Obstacles - the team travel (with out disconnecting) across the obstacles and the sprinkler (a sunny day game).

Holey Tube - make holes in a drain tube and plug one end then place a ping pong ball in the bottom. The team pour water in and cover holes to retrieve the ball.

Blind Hire-Wire - Guide a team member through obstacles whilst blindfolded (carry a ball to make it trickier). 

Ski Race - we made these skis from fence panels and rope loops. Race with 2 or 3 or even 4 people across a course - don't fall in the lava!

Fireman Race - transport the water from one bucket to the other using a small cup. It is a race!

1 Minute Race - you have One minute to reach the line.  No stopping or reversing (go past it if you go too fast).

Tree Hugging - disorientate your partner and then lead them to hug a tree. Move away from it and then with sight find it!

Helium Stick - stand opposite each other with a bamboo stick balanced on only one of each person's index fingers. Lower the stick to the ground together.