Maths, Science and Geography

Do the longest legs jump the furthest?

How tall are the trees in the park?

Can you use the code breaker to find the clue?

How do plants disperse their seeds?

Which mud recipe works the best for a pie?

Can you make a grass head with sawdust and tights?

Tree Investigation

How can you change your heart rate? 

Which team can collect the most nectar?

How many invertebrates are under this square?

How many potatoes can you grow in 3 months?

Can you make a map of the area using nature?

Can you orientate yourself around the markers in school?

Rocks and Soils Investigation

Which paper plane flies the furthest?

Can you create a to scale model of the solar system?

Listen, See, Feel, Smell and Taste the world

Can you make a symmetrical pattern with autumnal leaves?

Which seeds survive the birds and which end up in the poo pile?

How to recycle a milk carton to make a hanging basket.

Leaf Identification

Air Resistance Investigation