Year Two are learning about animals in science this term so we had an expedition to the Grimsbury Farm during Outdoor Learning. There were rabbits, guinea pigs, sheep, donkeys and lots of birds. The children were valiant in their efforts because they had to walk 2 miles to get there and back.

Using photography to capture the shapes of the bare trees the children spent time outside framing their shots.  Everyone enjoyed using the cameras and tried to achieve the most striking shots.  Having printed out the shapes they coloured the trees inspired by stain glass windows and Mondrian.

Everyone has taken part in the Big School Bird Count.  Spending time outside and trying to be quiet and still was difficult but we spotted far more birds than we expected.  The bird feeders had attracted lots of House Sparrows, Blue Tits and Robins whilst around the school grounds there were Wood Pigeons, Magpies, Blackbirds and Collared Doves.

Spiders are hiding from the cold and wet weather at the moment but we celebrated their ingenuity by making spiders webs with wool.  The activity was very mindful because we had to concentrate on the weaving and couldn't think of anything else.

Decorating Kingswood Park with Father Christmases has become a real tradition at The Park Primary School.  Key Stage Two whittled Father Christmas statues from elder and hung them up around the park to entertain the local community. They always look terrific.

Christmas Crafts have been wonderful this season.  The children have made reindeer using elder and willow stems as well as making Christmas clay decorations - really clever.

Bulbs and Rangoli Patterns were the order of the day during November.  There were lots of leaves to make our patterns with to celebrate Diwali, the children were exceptionally creative. Around our memorial bench for Lee we have planted 200 daffodil bulbs - we can't wait until the Spring to see the display!

Shelter is the first thing that needs to be thought about in a survival situation so the children have been practicing their reef knots and shelter construction (according to the 'Rule of Three' water is next and then food).

Conkers have ended our investigations into how plants disperse their seeds.  The children have  been making up their own games inspired by cricket, snakes and ladders, snooker and hide and seek as well and drilling holes in them and putting string through.

Seeds abound on the school grounds at the moment.  We have been orienteering around the trees in the grounds identifying the seeds and their way that they disperse.  We followed this by using the berries to tie dye flags and recycled school uniform. 

Key Stage One have been carrying out an Earth Walk.  The used their supersonic ears whilst in hyper-sleep; collected colours from nature; created smelly cocktails; made a collection of objects which all felt different; and visited the garden to taste the produce.