We spent the Christmas Term outside practicing our Nativity and Christmas Show.  All the classes performed a song and dance which were brought together by Year 3's narration and performance.  You can enjoy watching the show on the school YouTube Channel 

Too windy to work outside under the trees - no problem, we made windsocks.  We could use them to judge which direction the wind was blowing on the playground just like they do at the airport and on the motorway.

The leaves begin to fall at just the right time for making rangoli patterns to celebrate Diwali.  The patterns required symmetry and variety of colour and shape.

Our favourite lesson outside is making fire.  We use fire for cooking, light, heating and entertainment.  It is such an important part of our lives and we do like cooked marshmallows.  We practiced using the fire strikers to make a spark and the Key Stage Two children lit cotton wool and then we whittled sticks for cooking.

Mole finds it hard to choose a home in Jonathan Emmett's book 'No Place Like Home'.  The children use natural items that they have found in the school grounds to make a home for a cuddly toy.  Working in teams they have to discuss their plan, choose the right place and objects for a home.

Lock Down Den Building - unfortunately we have been missing our outdoor learning lessons this term due to having to socially isolate but..... we have been practicing our skills at home - den building and shoe lace tying have been favourites.  The ideas are on the Park and Parkwall Learning Channel.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals are a whole school topic for the next two terms.  To get the Key Stage Two children active and using their brains they have been on an orienteering competition to find the 17 goals hidden around the school.  Their map reading skills are really coming along.

Billy's Beetle by Mick Inkpen has inspired Key Stage One's learning over the first few weeks of term.  We have been reacquainting ourselves with the school's lovely outdoor environment whilst collecting items for our match boxes.