Shelter is the first thing that needs to be thought about in a survival situation so the children have been practicing their reef knots and shelter construction (according to the 'Rule of Three' water is next and then food).

Conkers have ended our investigations into how plants disperse their seeds.  The children have  been making up their own games inspired by cricket, snakes and ladders, snooker and hide and seek as well and drilling holes in them and putting string through.

Seeds abound on the school grounds at the moment.  We have been orienteering around the trees in the grounds identifying the seeds and their way that they disperse.  We followed this by using the berries to tie dye flags and recycled school uniform. 

Key Stage One have been carrying out an Earth Walk.  The used their supersonic ears whilst in hyper-sleep; collected colours from nature; created smelly cocktails; made a collection of objects which all felt different; and visited the garden to taste the produce.