Fire is a magic thing and when it is used to cook marshmallows it is even better!  We have been practicing using the strikers to make fire and whittling to make our marshmallow holder.

The Park Summer Fair Sale - we sold the bug hotels, planted up pots and hedgehog trails at the local Kingswood Park Summer Fair. We had a great response for the children's work and made some money for the garden.

Pond Renovation - some of the children have been renovating the pond because there was a hole in the pond liner.  There are newts in the pond so we want to give them the best home possible.  Yes the water did go over their wellies!

Pot Making has been the outdoor activity for the last few weeks.  The children are making coil pots for the Park Summer Fair in June.  Once they are fire they will be planted up to sell at the fair. 

Building Bug Hotels - Years 5 & 6 are practising their carpentry skills.  They have to sand down the wood, hammer the nails in and saw the bamboo to put into the hotels.  They have done a cracking job!  The Bug Hotels will be sold at the Park Summer Fair in July.

Rocks and Fossils - we have been investigating the land of 68 million years ago.  The fossils were identified; rock's properties investigated; soil properties analysed; and we made our own ammonite caste - there was so much to do we had to spread the activities over two weeks.

Habitats and Adaptation - following in the footsteps of Steve Backshaw we have been investigating Explorers from all over the world.  Like Charles Darwin and Mary Anning we went into the school grounds to investigate our local habitats and created our own animals with the right adaptations to live in the habitats available. Following our investigations we went on our own expedition to Grimsbury Farm to see the adaptations of the animals there (the highlight was the two week old piglets though). 

Santas in the Park are great fun every year.  This year the children whittled elder to make the face and beard and then hollowed out the elder to put string through and added legs that dangled!  They looked terrific all along the park fences. 

Orienteering - a new Christmas orienteering course has been set up on the school grounds.  The children have to use their map reading, running, communication and team skills to find all of the hidden clues around the school grounds. 

Sound - Key Stage Two have been investigating all things auditory.  It is perfect outside because they didn't disturb anyone with their banging and crashing.  They tried different pitches and volumes with a range of instruments and felt the vibrations which send the sound to our ears. The Manchester Children's University website showed them how their ears work.

Elder Bead Making - We have been practicing our use of tools and thinking about how to be safe and sensible.  Everyone had a partner who was responsible for the safety of the person with the tool, whether it be a peeler knife or a drill.  Having peeled a pattern onto the Elder stem the beads were hollowed using a drill or tent peg and threaded onto string.  

Water Explorers are a charity that encourages children to think about water conservation.  The children spent their lesson thinking about how to filter water.

Seeds travel away from the plant in many different ways. The children went to the park to find as many types of seed dispersal as possible.  Some of them fly, roll, are buried, pooed and stick to animals. 

Key Stage Two started the year off making 'Dream Catchers'.  They practiced their reef knots before weaving around the willow circle.