Key Stage One and Reception make the most of their Outdoor Learning Lessons

Water Explorers has inspired us at The Park to think about how we use water and how precious it is.  One of the activities that we have been doing outside is transporting water - we are so lucky that we just have to turn on the tap rather than walk to collect it.

Cooking on a Fire - we love fire and eating marshmallows!  We had to use the striker to make a spark and light the fire before we whittled a stick to put our marshmallow on.... delicious!

Seed Heads and Innocent Seeds - we have been doing all sorts of fun things with seeds.  We made grass heads to take home and planted up cress, carrots and peas to see which would grow the fastest.

Hedgehogs are finding it hard to survive at the moment so we have been learning about them and how to look after them.  Everyone made a clay hedgehog to celebrate how special they are and once they are fired they will be used in a trail at our local Park's Summer Fair.

Wild Flower Identification - we are very lucky that a short walk away there is a church yard which is full of wild flowers.  We have been spending out lessons investigating the smell of the Ramsons and Wild Mint, blowing the dandelions and sticking the Goose Grass to ourselves. There are also Primrose, Blue Bell, Forget-Me-Not, Cow Parsley, Buttercups and Daisies. The weather has been glorious too so we have had wonderful lessons. 

ZOG led the children around the school during Outdoor Learning.  They had to 'fly high' with their paper air planes; climb through the web; make sounds to frighten prey and attract a friend; hug a tree and sort the wooden objects out. 

Dinosaur Discovery - we have been investigating the time of the dinosaurs together a whole 68 million years ago.  Identifying ammonites, trilobites and sea urchin fossils took some thought; making our own ammonite caste was tricky; but the mud kitchen was the favourite and by the far the most messy!

Percy the Park-Keeper inspired our children into action in park.  They went over to see if their was any damage 'After the Storm' and practiced a maze having read 'The Secret Path' by Nick Butterworth.  Everyone made inspirational homes for the animals that had been made homeless during the storm and they even found some last piles of snow.  The string maze was fantastic fun and everyone was very brave as they walked around the trees whilst blindfolded!

Superworm by Julia Donaldson has inspired a trail around the school this January.  The children have followed Superworm's example and tried lots of new activities around the school grounds like skipping, fishing and nature drawing.  They also made mini-dens, looked for worm and bird poo and pretended to be the characters from the book!

The Santas in the Park has kept Key Stage One busy all through December.  Everyone worked really hard to decorate the park for the Christmas holidays with Santas and reindeer.  Firstly they whittled a stick to make a face and drew a face onto the stick.  Next they fixed the sticks for antlers onto the head.  They were tied all around the bandstand and looked terrific.

No Place Like Home by Jonathan Emmett - Year One have been making home in Outdoor Learning.  They made homes in the sand pit, homes for cuddlies and gardens for the fairy home.  They were so creative with their designs and their communication was brilliant as they agreed on how and what to do. 

On a trip to the park we have been looking at how seeds are spread around by the trees.  We tried to identify some of the trees that the seeds came from too. 

Years One and Two have been following in the footsteps of 'Billy's Beetle' by Mick Inkpen by finding small special things that fit in their matchboxes.