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08. November 2016
19. June 2016
17. February 2016
01. February 2016
24. January 2016
The Park Primary Children have been working outside around the fire pit. Activities included whittling a stick to put a dough ball on; pruning Elder and hollowing the stem to make beads; making fire with a striker and moving bark in the school grounds. We made the most of the cold - one day it was -3!
13. December 2015
20. November 2015
Year Six have had a fantastic afternoon at the park making the most of the seasons. Having completed a study of the trees in the park they enjoyed the leaves that had fallen recently. Many leaves were found in the bath that night! The magic of chlorophyll is that it creates Oxygen and hides the leaves' natural colour making Autumn so spectacular.
20. October 2015
20. September 2015
09. September 2015

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