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24. April 2016
20. November 2015
Year Six have had a fantastic afternoon at the park making the most of the seasons. Having completed a study of the trees in the park they enjoyed the leaves that had fallen recently. Many leaves were found in the bath that night! The magic of chlorophyll is that it creates Oxygen and hides the leaves' natural colour making Autumn so spectacular.
14. November 2015
Great Excitement - we have seeds that have been sent into space! As part as a countrywide experiment we will be growing them at school in May..... Before they arrive we have been discussing why we might need to grow plants in space if we were to live there for extended periods of time. We realised very quickly that nearly all the things that we needed were made from plants of eat plants themselves to survive. We just can't live without them. So following that we went straight outside and...
14. November 2015