Community Work · 18. November 2018
Families from the Park walked the six miles up from Swineford to Kelston Round Top to raise money for Children in Need. Starting at the Swineford public car park we walked up to North Stoke; across the fields to the Bath Racecourse; and around the hill top to Kelston Round Top. We had a great turn out and almost as many dogs as people! Thank you to everyone that turned up and contributed to the lovely (cold) day.
School Grounds  · 09. May 2018
Lawrence Tree Surgeons have done a wonderful job moving the tree trunks into place. They have been transformed into ships, bridges and a balance bar.
Community Work · 11. December 2017
Every year the Park Primary School gets involved with decorating the Kingswood Park with Father Christmas decorations. This year has been no different but we like to think that we have upped our game! The children in Key Stage Two all whittled a Father Christmas to hang on the gates, railings, bandstand and trees of the park. The effect we lovely with hundreds of little gnome like Father Christmas carvings hanging about!
School Grounds  · 10. November 2017
The beginnings of our natural trim trail have been delivered. We were fortunate enough to win a grant from Tesco 'Bags of Help' and this has enabled us to buy the grass mats to go beneath the tree trunks. Thanks to Lawrence Tree Services we have had a beautiful Redwood delivered whose age is clearly marked in its' rings. In the coming weeks the tree surgeons will be moving the trunks into position so that we can climb, jump, hide and crawl around them.
Gardening · 11. October 2017
Elsa, Anna, Dotty and Evie are very much at home now at The Park Primary School. The whole garden is now there home so that they have lots of room to roam around and dig for slugs. The classes can go into the garden to meet the chickens and they come running up to meet all the children. They are especially keen if there are mealworms on offer! The children gain a great deal from the chickens as they feed, clean and groom them. They are responsible for looking after their every need.
Training · 22. September 2017
We hosted a conference at The Park Primary on 22nd September. The theme was 'Maximizing Maths and English in the Outdoors' and it was organised by Sustainable Learning and Muddy Puddles. There were teachers all over the school grounds, creating tree spirits; orienteering; cooking pizza; and calculating in the garden. The sun was out and everyone had a fantastic day.
05. July 2017
Year 6 made it up to the top of Kelston Round top this term. They walked the 5 miles from Swineford up, up and up to the top and round, with great resilience and stamina.
29. May 2017
Year Four have been joining in the RHS 'Greening Grey Britain' project. They have dug up a new flower bed outside the Kingswood Library and planted a selection of plants, seeds and tubers. Hopefully it will brighten up the corner for passers by.
07. April 2017
The Eco-Team had a very successful stall at the Easter Fair this week. They sold pre-loved bears in paper bags and had a bear raffle for the larger bears! In all, they raised £50 for the Eco-Team funds.
14. March 2017

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