Sharing Ideas

We want to share all the work that we have been doing at The Park Primary School. Below we have included plans, resources and links to inspire you into the outdoors.

Seed Dispersal 

Start with a 'Minute Race' - children have a minute to get across course (not more or less). Winner is closest to the line.

If you time it right then Sycamore seeds fall on your heads; the thistles stick to you and there is a lot of red bird poo around!


Start by mapping the classroom or the school grounds in class - discussing bird's eye view and proportions.  Outside children can simply find markers; find clues at the markers; identify the tree on which the marker is placed or answer maths clues at each marker.  Chalking the compass directions on the playground introduces the idea that North is constant.


How do we know that it is Autumn? Discuss how the seasons are created by our orbiting the sun; hibernation and hedgehog safety; bulb propagation and why leaves change colour in the autumn. After collecting autumnal leaves putting them into symmetrical patterns combines maths with science.

Den Building

In class children can design their ultimate den with all that they will need for survival.  Following the 'rule of 3' discuss how we can live without food for 3 weeks, water for 3 days but with out shelter for only 3 hours in certain weather conditions. The children must master the ability to tie a wreath knot before getting stuck into building their own den.

Measuring Tree Trunks

Starting off with tree hugging the children got to know the trees at the park.  They then carried out a survey of a chosen tree including it's girth, bark type, health and height.  The height was measured using an inclinometre which uses the angles of a triangle to measure the height of the tree.

Rocks and Soils

We have been doing lots of work looking at rocks and soil structure.  This has included a mud kitchen; making an ammonite cast from plaster; researching rocks and minerals in books and building a cob oven.

Bee Hotels and Christmas Wreaths

Our problem solving activity involved reenacting the life a bee; collecting nectar and communicating silently with team members where the nectar was. Following on the theme we started sawing bamboo to fit into tin cans and make bee hotels for the bees to hibernate in over winter.  We also made Christmas wreaths using willow.

Air Resistance

Starting off with paper airplane making, the children had a race to see who's would fly the furthest.  Talk about about the effects of all the forces on the plane.  Then have time to explore a variety of flying toys (bubbles, rockets and parachutes). This leads to spinner experiments later on.

Fire Making 

Around the fire it is important to talk about fire safety before beginning any activities.  Whittling and practicing using a fire striker are good activities by the fire.  If there is elder then hollowing it and making beads is fun. If possible a song can bring everyone together!

Sport science

During science or PE lessons it is a good opportunity to test our bodies.  The Wellcome Trust have produced plans and resources to test whether out leg length affects our jumping potential; our heart rates change when we exercise and whether we run or walk most quickly. 

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