How we planned and planted our Willow Labyrinth

We had to collect the willow sticks and transport them to our Labyrinth site.  There were over one hundred sticks used!

Firstly Year Five measured out the labyrinth using sand.  They made compasses with string tied to a central stake to create the four circles and from these drew out the pathways which were to be planted with willow.

Next the Year Three children had to hammer stakes into the ground to make the holes for the willow sticks.  They were very careful when using the mallets to wear gloves and miss their hands! Each stick needed a 10cm deep hole.  The holes were 80cm apart.

Once the vertical stakes were in the Year Fours put in stakes that bent between these to create an arched stick.  These sticks had to be put into the ground too so that both ends will make roots and allow the stem to grow.

Finally we had to tie the stakes together.  All three stakes had to be secured so that the labyrinth is strong when children are using it. We then carefully tried it out before letting it have time to grow roots this spring.  We can play in it after Easter.