Here at The Park we have built a recycled plastic bottle greenhouse.  We have recorded our progress here.

Stage One


The children had to collect 1500 2ltr plastic bottles, we did this over Christmas so that there should be lots of supplies.  We now 'have' to do something with them.

Stage Two

The whole school have had to take part in cutting the bottoms off of all the 1500 plastic bottles!  It could take a long time!

Stage Three

We have been taking the labels off the bottles and begun to put them onto the bamboo canes.  We have to put them all on in one direction and then reverse one on the top (squeezing it into the last bottle).

Stage Four

We have been putting the bottles onto the canes.  After some experimentation we have found that the round bottles work the best.  Only another thousand to go!

Stage Five

We have been putting 'more' bottles onto sticks!  Mrs Whitney has been constructing the greenhouse frame for us to put our bottles onto.


Stage Six

All the bamboo canes have to be attached to the frame.  That is a lot of hitting!

Stage Seven

We attached all the frames with the bottles on them to our recycled wood frame.  We have dug out a bed inside the greenhouse and have paving slabs to stand on.