Cob Oven

We are building a Cob Pizza Oven in the garden during Term Six find out how here.

Stage One 

We had to build a stand to put the oven on and make sure that it was level.  On top of this we put the paving slabs and bricks .

Stage Two 

Next we had to dig up the clay from the garden.  We dug a big pit down through the top soil to get to the clay.  It was obvious when we reached the clay because it was a yellow/grey colour.

Stage Three

Having collected the clay we mixed it with sand and water using our feet!  We were not just standing on it but dancing on it.  The movement is like 'doing the twist'!

Stage Four

We needed a solid form to build the oven around so we made a dome out of sand.  The sand had to be perfectly smooth and would be the size of the inside of the oven.  

Stage Five

Now it is time to cover the sand dome with newspaper this keeps is nice and smooth and protected.  

Stage Six

The mixed up cob is made into balls and these are placed around the sand dome.  We test the balls to make sure that they are the right consistency by dropping them on the floor (if they stay whole they are 'good to go').

Stage Seven

Build up the cob around the sand dome working round and round.  The cob needs to be banged into shape so that there are no gaps.

Stage Eight

Make more cob and then more cob!

Stage Nine

Once we had covered the sand dome in one layer of cob we did it all again! This time the cob had straw mixed into it for insulation.

Stage Ten 

Having created a lovely round dome of cob we had to snip all the bits of straw that were sticking out.

Stage Eleven

We cut a hole into the front of the dome - we need somewhere to put the pizzas!  Then we had scoop all the sand out from inside the dome.  We can use the sand to make more cob.

Stage Twelve

We let the cob dry and then lit the oven to dry it out further. Finally - the fire was lit again and we cooked pizza!

Stage Thirteen

We used the sand from the inside to make our final layer of cob.  This is to make it look smooth and smart and eventually like a dragon!