The Garden


Find out here what we are doing in the garden at school


  • We have covered our vegetable plots with black plastic to warm the soil.
  • We have started collecting bottles for the Greenhouse.


  • The potatoes are in egg boxes on the window sill chitting.
  • We are planting our sunflower seeds early so that they can get strong in the greenhouse before going in the ground. We recycled newspaper to make the flower pots.


  • The second onion sets have been planted
  • Here we are putting tomato and courgette seeds in pots ready for the greenhouse.
  • The potato competition has started - who will grow the most?
  • We have pruned our willow for a new igloo.
  • We have planted up the Woodland Trust hedgerow trees which we arrived last week - Dogwood, Hazel, Hawthorn, Dogrose and Holly trees.
  • We have been weeding the plots in the garden ready for our produce after the Easter Holidays
  • The seedlings have gone into the new greenhouse for a few weeks until the frost has past.


  • We have chosen courgettes, lettuce, potatoes, pumpkins, rocket and basil to plants as seeds.
  • We have been tidying the garden and spreading bark to stop the weeds on the footpaths.
  • Key Stage Two's potatoes have all been earthed up to encourage a good crop.
  • We have been watering the trees and hedgerows regularly to give them the best chance of growing.
  • We have created a new plot for the courgettes and another for the salad leaves.
  • The greenhouse plants are being protected from slugs and watered regularly.


  • The seedlings have grown in the warmth of the greenhouse and are ready to plant out.
  • The courgette plants are in their own bed.
  • We have planted out nasturtiums to encourage the pollinators (and slugs away from the crops!)


  • There has been a lot of watering because of the lovely warm weather.
  • All the weeds are enjoying the sun too so we have to pull them up.
  • We have planted out our tomato plants - some in the greenhouse and some in out in the fruit plot.
  •  The pumpkins have been planted out to give them a head start.


  • We have been tidying up the garden so that we could fit the cob oven in.
  • We have been watering, watering, watering!
  • The potatoes have been dug up and eaten.


  • The pumpkins continue to be fed
  • We have picked the apples, pears and tomatoes
  • The trees are watered and barked


  • We have been eating! Blackberry and apple crumble, pizza and pumpkin soup.
  • The Pumpkins were raffled and apples bobbed.
  • The beds are cleared feed with compost and covered for the winter.


  • We have been raking up the leaves in the grounds to make leaf mulch.
  • Onion sets are planted alongside the garlic ready for next year.
  • Daffodil bulbs are being planted around the school and we even helped plant them in the local park.
  • Feeding the birds - a lot!