Our Community Group is regularly filling the bird feeders in our wildlife garden.  We have fat balls and bird seed for them.  Our most frequent guests are house sparrows and pigeons.

Hedgerow Planting

Five years ago the school began bordering the grounds with hedgerow.This was for the wildlife and to make the grounds look better.  For the subsequent years we have planted a selection of trees from the Woodland Trust and they are maintained by the children.  http://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/get-involved/schools/trees-for-schools/ 

They provide shelter and food for the wildlife as well as wood for out Forest School activities such as whittling. 

What is under our feet?


We have been studying which invertebrates are living under the surface of the turf.  We found lots of worms and then measured them! All the research results we will be uploaded onto The Pod and next week we will count the number of birds in the school grounds. 

There were no birds! Both Year 4 & 5 sat outside in 'silence' and not one bird landed by their excavation sites!  A job for the Eco-team perhaps will be feeding the birds.http://jointhepod.org/home 

The Pond

The school pond is a wealth of live with common newts, water boatmen and various nymphs living in it.  The community team are in charge of looking after it - keeping it free of too many leaves, reducing the amount of weeds and keeping the plants healthy. 

The RSPB have visited The Park to carry out a bioblitz in the school grounds.  The children were checking to see whether the grounds were providing the essentials for a bird's food chain.